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Friday, August 17, 2018
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Bill Richards Eclectronica: The Soul Dog Projects
About the Soul Dog Projects: Eclectronica (Eclectic-Electronica)
Edmonton-based pianist-composer Bill Richards has performed at several jazz festivals and venues in western Canada and Ontario, performs as a soloist and ensemble musician, and leads his own groups. Bill’s compositional style is eclectic, embracing contemporary aesthetics in addition to modernist and traditionalist elements. Bill holds the degrees of BA (music), MMus (composition) and PhD (music theory), and is the Music Degree Coordinator and head of Piano and Theory in the Music Program at Grant MacEwan University.

The SOUL DOG PROJECTS are a series of electronica projects that Bill composed and produced using Mac computers, Edirol FA-66 soundcard, Roland JW50 and RD700GX keyboards, Korg M1 module, a vast palette of virtual instruments and software synthesizers, and a variety of recording, sequencing and processing software including GarageBand, Logic Pro, Reason, and a lot of IK Multimedia software and plugins. The SOUL DOG PROJECTS have not been released (except POP CITY 4 - limited distribution). Each Project is artistically driven and represents Bill’s idiosyncratic style of electronica, which he calls eclectronica. LUNAR TUNES is a compilation for a live DJ event at the Crown Pub (June 19, 2010) featuring selected works from Bill's past projects and some new pieces as well; THE LENNIE SUITE premiered at The Haven Social Club, February 28, 2010 for the NUMUVART inaugural concert (great sound system!) and featured real-time visuals by Christopher Payne (moving image artist/partial objects VJ); POP CITY 4 features selected works from Bill's projects and provides the soundtrack to the MacEwan CAFC POP CITY 4 magazine (2009; limited distribution); LUNAR WINTER was created as a complete artwork; INSTALLATIONS I was created to provide a soundtrack for Relics (Caitlin Siân Richards, NextFest 2008); HISTORY OF MONSTERS was created to provide a soundtrack for A History of Monsters (group show, ArtsHab, 2008).

Bill is presently editing a project he calls MED X: The Four Spheres of Sonic Being (summer of 2010) and is working on some new projects (TBA).

Special thanks to Marcel Hamel (music techno wizard, Music Program, MacEwan University), the late and great Colin Lay (production guru, Music Program, MacEwan University), Ari Rhodes (electronica genius, Rhodes Recordings) and IK Multimedia.

Check out some of Bill's work on the flash players (below on this page). You can also visit Bill's other web domain:
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Bill Richards: Soul Dog LUNAR WINTER (© 2008)
Lunar W
Bill Richards: Soul Dog INSTALLATIONS I: RELICS (© 2008)
Bill Richards LUNAR WINTER CD insert
lunar winter cd insert
Bill Richards RELICS CD insert
relics cd insert
Bill Richards HISTORY OF MONSTERS cd insert
monsters cd insert
Bill Richards: Soul Dog LUNAR WINTER (© 2008)
Bill Richards Soul Dog Relics (© 2008)
Bill Richards Soul Dog History of Monsters (© 2008)
A History of Monsters: review (background adapted from Caitlin Sian Richards "Origins")
Monsters blurb
History of Monsters - review
prairie artsters monsters review